Fuse FAQ

So… here’s a few questions I’ve come across about the new Fuse mechanic and some answers for you.

So I can fuse the card when I cast it from anywhere?
No, you can only fuse the spell when you’re casting it from your hand. If you flash it back, cascade into it, or play it off the top of your library with Melek, you can only cast one half or the other.

So I’ve fused the spell… what order do the halves happen?
Left, then right, just like the mechanics article says.

So is a fused split card on the stack one spell or two?
It’s just one. You can counter it with one Cancel. Having one card on the stack representing two spells would be an absolute headache.

What’s the mana cost of a fused spell?
It has two: The mana costs of each half. So for a fused Toil//Trouble, it’s 2B and 2R, not 4BR. Its converted mana cost is the combined converted mana costs of the two halves. A fused Toil//Trouble’s converted mana cost is 6, not 3, or 3 and 3.

So if I Reverberate a fused spell…
Then the copy is fused as well, but something that copies a spell and lets you cast the copy will only make one half or the other.

Do both halves have to target the same things?
No. It’d be kind of hard for Wear//Tear to have the same target. Not a lot of Artifact Enchantments out there. Even for spells where both halves have the same type of target, like Toil//Trouble, you can target two different players (or creatures, or whatever the halves target).

I have Omniscience in play and a Fuse card in my hand…
Then you’ll choose if you’re casting one of the halves or both of them as you put it on the stack. Welcome to value town.

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