Off to Europe!

Hey all, don’t expect a lot of activity out of me over the next couple of weeks, OK?

I’m headed off to visit my husband in Finland for a while, and will be judging GP Stockholm in the middle of the trip. (As usual, feel free to say hi if you see me there!)


optiic-bla2t2 asked: What's the point of Last Strike? It sounds like just a weird downside.


It is a very weird downside. It’s a) super flavorful and b) allows triple strike.

It also allows three different flavors of double strike. (First/Normal, First/Last, and Normal/Last)


ninth-wave asked: Similar to a previous question pertaining Ashcloud Phoenix as a known morph, if your opponent has a Lens of Clarity and knows all of your face-down morph cards when the game ends, one will still get a game rule violation for not revealing all of the morphed cards, correct?

Correct, but it won’t be upgraded.


supergaijin asked: I have an ordeal on a creature and I also have a floodtide serpent. If I declare the enchanted creature as an attacker and return the ordeal to my hand to allow floodtide to attack; does my creature so get a +1 token?

No, since the creatures aren’t actually attacking until you pay costs to attack.

Remember that video of the Alpha starter deck where he pulled the Black Lotus and Tropical Island?
Well the cards came back from grading… :)


zanmor asked: Could you explain Dead Ringers, maybe with an example or two? Many thanks!

Destroy two target nonblack creatures unless either one is a color the other isn’t. They can’t be regenerated.


So you need two targets.

Neither one can be black.

When Dead Ringers resolves, both targets will be destroyed if they’re exactly the same color(s) as each other. (This is the tricky bit.)

So, for example, if you targeted two face-down creatures, both are colorless, so they’ll be destroyed.

If you targeted Elvish Mystic and Burning-Tree Emissary, they wouldn’t be destroyed because BTE is red and the Mystic isn’t.

Basically, each creature has to have the same answer to the question “What color(s) are you?” in order for Dead Ringers to destroy its targets.


radioactivestardust asked: Based on the question about Polymorphous Rush and Primal Whisperer: Once all those morphs are facedown Primal Whisperers, if they get turned up do they stay as Primals after the end of turn or does the effect still wear off?

Only until end of turn.


ghost-merc7 asked: Let's get silly. I have a bunch of morph dudes in play and a clone copying my opponent's Animar, Soul of Elements. I play Ixidron turning all non-tokens face-down. I then play Ixidor, Reality Sculptor and turn my clone face-up. What happens? Is it still Animar? Or is it a clone with +1/+1 counters?

It’s still Animar.


ghost-merc7 asked: Another question about Morph. Ixidron has turned everything face-down and I flip up my Primal Whisperer. Next turn I cast Polymorphous Rush choosing to have 6 creatures become copies of Primal Whisperer. Will they still be face-down for the remainder of the turn? (I'm making a morph EDH which is why all of this is coming up).

Yes, they’re face-down Primal Whisperers, so they’re still nameless 2/2s, but if you turn them up for 4G each, they’ll be Primal Whisperers.


nathanrael asked: Not really a question, but I just got accepted to judge my first GP! I'M SO DANG EXCITED. So, uh... got any tips?


Study up on the IPG, don’t be afraid to ask questions, and take care of yourself while you’re working! :)


archangel77 asked: Do regenerated creatures tap out of combat? Do they still deal damage if they are attacking or blocking?

When a creature regenerates, that is when it uses a regeneration shield to replace being destroyed, it will become tapped and be removed from combat.


bagelsandfox asked: I'm building a Silver bordered EDH so here's my follow up: If I have R&Ds secret layer and then play camouflage can I mix around my morphs? In other words is oracle text the same as errata?

You played the card as it’s printed.


marobot5401 asked: In a cube match this afternoon I enchanted a Leonin Relic-Warder with Curiosity and my friend said the Relic-Warder didn't die. Is that true? I was so sure Curiosity killed the cat.

Only posting this because it got a laugh out of me. :)


lil-cheez asked: "Good evening Charlotte! I want to use Krenko+Mirror Entity in my Commander, but I don't know, stack-rules-wise, how to activate it, I mean, what goes first, what goes in response, if I must pass priority, etc, could you give me a hand?" Oh, take my pardon. You activate Mirror Entity's ability making everything "goblins", then Krenko's, geting a lot of tokens. It can be done at the end of opponent's turn, but I don't know how to do it exactly.

You can activate mirror entity either in response to Krenko’s activation, or before you activate Krenko, but in the latter case you need to let it resolve before you activate Krenko. And obviously X needs to be greater than 0.