Anonymous asked: Can you choose "Enchantment Creature" as a creature type using "Conspiracy"? ({3}{B}{B} Enchantment: As Conspiracy enters the battlefield, choose a creature type. Creature cards you own that aren't on the battlefield, creature spells you control, and creatures you control are the chosen type."

Enchantment is a type, not a subtype.
You have to choose a creature subtype like Coward, Eye, Pincher, Orb, or Sable.

GP Stockholm!

Super excited and honored to have been selected as staff for Grand Prix Stockholm at the end of October.
This will be my first time judging outside of North America, and I’m the only judge on staff from outside of Europe.


Anonymous asked: My opponent casts Chained to the Rocks targeting my Desecration Demon. Next turn I cast Contaminated Ground (Enchant Land; Enchanted land is a Swamp; Whenever enchanted land becomes tapped, its controller loses 2 life) targeting my opponent's Mountain with Chained to the Rocks enchanted on it. Does this cause Chained to the Rocks to fall off and I get my Desecration Demon back?

Yes, since CttR is no longer enchanting a legal object, it’ll fall off.


ajowens76 asked: If I put Ensoul Artifact onto an equipment (ex. Brawler's Plate), and then equipped Brawler's Plate to a 1/1 creature, would I then have an 8/8 trampler?

Equipment that’s a creature can’t equip anything. The Plate is just a 5/5 creature.


Anonymous asked: Eidolon of Rhetoric - If i have it in play and the opponent casts one spell for his turn and passes the turn - can he cast one additional spell on my turn, or does he have to wait for his turn to cast one spell again?

Players can cast one spell EACH turn, so one on your turn, one on his turn, one on a third player’s turn, etc.


Anonymous asked: Am I allowed to play in a tournament while shirtless? (I am male)

Probably not. That’ll be up to store/venue’s policies, though. But most places require shirts.


Anonymous asked: do planeswalkers count towards devotion?

Yes. They’re permanents you control.


frayedfuse asked: On the line of the riku question: if you copy a spell that has will of the council do the votes stay the same or do players vote again?

Voting happens when the spell resolves, not when it’s cast. Each copy of the spell will have its own vote.


electricsundials asked: I have a Lazav, who is currently a copy of Mirror Sigil Sargent. What are the characteristics of the token I'll get on my upkeep? Will the token be Legendary with the name of Lazav or....?

It’ll be a Lazav that’s a copy of Mirror-Sigil Seargent, named Lazav, etc. The legend rule will be invoked and you’ll be forced to put all but one Lazav into the graveyard.


tijmenndg asked: An opponent is attacking me with some critters of which one is a wild beastmaster. Is there a way, without stifle effects, to have the team attack me but without the effect of the beastmaster pump? Is there a window in which I can kill/remove it?

Not once it’s been declared as an attacker, no.

You can kill it any time before the Declare Attackers step to keep it from attacking, though.


anerdtumblr asked: Well, that's might be a new question for you, but here we go: How to properly conduct an investigation when it's needed in a tournament ?

It depends what you’re trying to investigate.

In general, you want to talk to as many people as possible in isolation so you get all the details and sides of the story. You want to do this in as timely a manner as possible, since the tournament needs to keep running despite the investigation.

The amount of time that can be devoted to any given investigation should be weighed against the seriousness of the investigation, with less time spent on an investigation into something less important or much less likely to be true.


darthjeeling asked: Say a morph creature gains first strike, deals first strike damage, then turns face up and loses first strike. Does the face-up creature do normal combat damage as well?

No. It’s still the same object that dealt damage in the first combat step, even though its characteristics have changed.


Anonymous asked: I have sublime Archangel in play, I cast Unquestioned Authority on it, my opponent then responds with Path to exile, then i respond with kira, the great glass-spinner (i have leyline of flash out), which spell resolves? or do neither of them resolve?

Kira resolves, but it’s too late for the ability she gives the Archangel to trigger, since it became a target of a spell long before Kira was on the battlefield.

Path to Exile will resolve next, exiling the Archangel and allowing you to search out a basic land. Unquestioned Authority will be countered on resolution, and you won’t get to draw a card.


dantetheripper asked: If I play a card that allows me to search my library for a Plains card and put it on the battlefield, can I put a dual land like sacred foundry on the field or does it have to be a basic Plains?

It can be a dual lands with the Plains type.

(Unless the card specifies a basic plains, like the Panorama cycle does.)


fetus-pizzas asked: Riku of Two Reflections states that when copying a modal spell, you must choose the same mode, but it was my understanding that modes are chosen upon resolution. Could you clarify things for me? Thank you.

Modes (like on Cryptic Command or the various Charms) are chosen when you cast the spell, before you choose targets. This is because the mode(s) of a spell can change whether it has targets, what it can target, etc.